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Global Support and Development

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Headquarters contact name: 
Carrie Jurkiewicz
Headquarters contact position: 
Medical Coordination Officer
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Headquarters contact phone: 
708 712 2582
Operations contact name: 
Jae Kim
Operations contact position: 
Operations Officer
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Operations contact phone: 
+1 213 247 0074
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Needs assessment, population data gathering, GIS mapping products, limited field communications establishment, limited SAR, hydrographic reconnaissance
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Private organization aircraft
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Limited access to maritime assets, geography-dependent
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Field training
Fitness training and/or control of level of physical fitness
Health screening/medical check-ups pre-deployment
Initial medical care
Medical professional indemnity/insurance
Medication such as required prophylaxis or vector controls
Personal health insurance
Psychological screening
Psychological support
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GSD has undertaken multiple non-medical missions. Up to this point, our only medical mission has been after Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu in 2015. In March 2015, the remote island chain of Vanuatu in the South Pacific was struck by Cyclone Pam, a Category 5 storm that pummeled the islands with winds that exceeding 320 km per hour and ocean swells of 18-20 meters. The GSD team, in conjunction with the captain and crew of a privately owned vessel that frequents the remote islands of Vanuatu, dispatched to a number of the most remote villages to render aid immediately after the storm passed. The most urgent need was fresh water, as the storm had destroyed or contaminated all available supplies. Using the immense water purification/desalination capabilities of the yacht, and a helicopter and rigid inflatable tender boats to ferry the water to the villages, the team was able to supply fresh water to villagers who desperately needed it to survive. The teams set up and ran medical clinics to treat injuries from the cyclone and related illnesses and delivered needed medical supplies and food to remote areas that otherwise had no contact with the larger islands. GSD set up and ran a communications center to transmit needs assessments and other relevant information back to the response coordination center and team members clear roads and fallen trees so that villagers could once again be linked. In all, GSD team members and crew: ● Visited 21 villages on 9 islands; ● Delivered 62,000 litres of fresh water; ● Delivered 6 tons of medical aid and shelter materials ● Arranged and facilitated 3 medical evacuations; and ● Provided medical assessed and treatment to over 250 casualties.
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Medical Coordination Officer
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Redwood City
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