GDO resource submission form

Thank you for considering to submit a resource to the Global Dementia Observatory (GDO) Knowledge Exchange platform.

The GDO knowledge exchange platform contains key resources to support the implementation of the global dementia action plan and enhance countries’ response to dementia. It provides a space for all relevant stakeholders to share resources (e.g. good policy, guidelines and practice examples for dementia) to facilitate mutual learning and promote the exchange of good practices in the area of dementia.

All resources are submitted by users of the platform and mapped to at least one of the strategic action areas of the global dementia action plan. Automated filters will allow users to search for country-, region- or language-specific resources, narrow down their searches by types of resources (e.g. policies, trainings, tools, practice examples) or explore settings and target audiences on which the resources focus.

A comprehensive peer-review process will ensure that submitted resources meet developed quality and good practice criteria. The review panel for each resource consists of  two individuals with dementia or their family members (i.e. experts by experience, EBE) and two professionals (i.e. experts by profession, EBP)

What do you need in order to submit a resource to the GDO Knowledge Exchange platform? 

  1. Authorisation to share the resource 
  2. A copy which can be uploaded – this can be a pdf, jpeg, e-link or video 
  3. Provide a short abstract describing the resource 
  4. Provide details about the resource such as target audience, scope, aims, etc
  5. Complete the online GDO resource submission form 

What will happen to submitted resources? 

  • All submissions are screened by WHO. 
  • After successful screening, the resources will be sent to the GDO peer review panel, who will assess the content, value and feasibility of the resource. 
  • Resources will be published if at least 2/4 reviews are positive.
  • All reviews of published resources will be made available online. 
  • The time between submission of the resource to completion of the review process is aimed to be about three months.

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