Global Conference on Primary Health Care - Expression of Interest form

Thank you for your interest in attending the Global Conference on Primary Health Care.

Please complete the form below to register your interest.

Please note the Conference will be an invite-only event. Applications will reviewed in accordance with the elements described below and in accordance with the World Health Organization’s rules and policies.


Criteria for selection

We welcome expressions of interest from entities whose work is relevant to Primary Health Care. This includes:
  • Non-governmental organisations
  • Academic institutions
  • Philanthropic organisations
  • Private sector entities
Please outline the motivation for attendance and how you hope to contribute to the Conference.

Your application will be assessed related to your relevance, implementation and impact to PHC as well as work within regions of interest and with under-served populations.

The following principles apply to the engagement of organizations in relation to the Conference:
  1. Demonstrate a clear benefit to public health;
  2. Conform with WHO’s Constitution, mandate and general programme of work;
  3. Respect the intergovernmental nature of WHO and the decision-making authority of Member States as set out in the WHO’s constitution;
  4. Support and enhance without compromising the scientific and evidence-based approach that underpins WHO’s work;
  5. Protect WHO from any undue influence, in particular on the processes in setting and applying polcies, norms and standards,
  6. Not compromise WHO’s integrity, independence, credibility and reputation;
  7. Be effectively managed, including by, where possible avoiding conflict of interest and other forms of risks to WHO.
  8. Be conducted on the basis of transparency, openness inclusiveness, accountability, integrity and mutual respect.
Please note that WHO does not engage with the tobacco industry or with non‑State actors that work to further the interests of the tobacco industry. The latter includes but is not limited to:
  • entities and subsidiaries engaged in the manufacturing, distribution and/or sale of tobacco or tobacco-related products;
  • entities working to specifically further the interests of the tobacco industry through lobbying, advertising, legal advice or similar activities;
  • entities being funded, supported or influenced in their governance by tobacco-related entities; and
  • entities having tobacco industry or their representatives among their members.
WHO does not engage with the arms industry. For entities receiving funding from entities linked to the arms industry, a case-by-case assessment is made on the acceptability of receiving funding from such entities.

WHO also exercises particular caution when considering possible engagements with non State actors whose policies or activities negatively affect human health and which are not in line with WHO’s policies, norms and standards. This is especially the case in the area of noncommunicable diseases and their determinants.