WHO Assistive Product Specification Open Consultation

Thank you for your engagement and support in improving the APS documents. You feedback is important to us. 

The open consultation invites all relevant stakeholders (such as assistive product procurement specialists, product manufacturers and suppliers, service providers etc.) to provide feedback to the APS drafts - to ensure that all voices are heard.

Please review the APS documents relevant to your area of expertise before providing comments using this online form. To view the APS document(s), please click on the relevant APS document(s) listed at the bottom of the GATE webpage, or the relevant hyperlinks in the table below. Throughout the APS document(s), you can find a short description of the intended purpose and scope for each sub-section directly above in gray boxes, which aim to guide you when giving feedback. You can provide feedback for up to 5 APS documents at a time. If you would like to provide more, please re-open a new survey link.



Clubfoot braces Alarm signalers with light/sound/vibration Audio players with DAISY capability Medication organizers Communication board Single-use absorbent products
Therapeutic footwear Hearing aids Filters   Speech generating device Washable absorbent products
Crutches Personal wireless remote microphone systems Magnifiers, optical     Toilet and shower chairs
Handrails and grab bars   Spectacles for low vision and short distance      
Portable ramps   Talking and touching watches      
Manual Wheelchairs   White canes      
Wheelchair cushions   Braille writing equipment      
Rollators   Mechanical braille typewriter      
Walking frames          
Walking canes, tripods, and quadripods          

Please provide feedback by giving specific proposals for adding, removing, or changing the information in the sub section(s) of the selected APS document. Please also consider the goal of the APS documents in being sufficient, accurate and appropriate to guide assistive product tendering, particularly in less-resourced settings. 



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