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Vicente López

Vicente López

Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Vicente López  Argentina
Print this page City population: 62942023 % over 60Joined Network in 2016

In Argentina the elderly represent the 14.27% of the population (5,725,838). In the area of the Municipality of Vicente López, population aging is even higher, since seniors represent 23%, with a significant growth of the older population, since 5% are over the age of 80 (exactly twice as high as the national average).
Our city has multiple policies aimed at improving the quality of life of older adults.
We count with:
– Health Policies Department for the Elder to optimize health services

– Municipal Hospital recently developed the Geriatric Services

– Preventive and Active Stimulation Workshops for the autonomy of the elder

– Encourages the integration of the elders promoting the creation and support of Retiree Centers

– Recreation Center for senior citizens, large facility located close to the river surrounded by nature for cultural activities, languages, literature, computer science and sports according to their needs

– Municipal Retirement Home for prolonged hospitalization

– Outpatient care Hospital with specialized professionals.

We are totally committed to the needs of the elderly and it is our intention to make the city friendlier.

In December 2015, we created the Intersectional Roundtable of elders, their representatives and Municipality reps, in order to assess the user-friendliness of our city, using the criteria recommended by WHO to hear first-hand the needs of the senior community and to adopt new policies that respond to their needs.

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