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Miami-Dade County, Florida

Miami-Dade County, Florida

Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Miami-Dade County, Florida  United States of America
Print this page City population: 260086119.9 % over 60Joined Network in 2017

Miami-Dade County has many policies, programs and services that are designed to serve older adults. Among these are elderly services provided through Community Action and Human Services department, the Golden Passport which provides passes to older adults ages 65+ to ride transit for free, the Golden Ticket program which provides free cultural offerings for seniors ages 62+, as well as Active Older Adults programs in Miami-Dade Parks for those ages 55+. The Alliance for Aging is the County’s Area Agency on Aging and is a community leader for planning and service on aging. Some of the services provided include congregate and home-delivered meals, recreation, adult day care, personal care, legal help, and transportation. Other organizations that provide funding and/or services with a focus on older adults include the Health Foundation of South Florida and United Way of Miami-Dade. In 2015, the County’s Comprehensive Development Master Plan was amended to reflect age-friendy changes to its language ensuring that older adults are considered in planning processes. The Miami-Dade Age-Friendly Initiaitve is a collaborative effort bringing together key organizations and partners in the community and includes a key group of individuals that is dedicated to move age-friendly work forward.

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