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Covenant on Demographic Change

Covenant on Demographic Change

Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Covenant on Demographic Change
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Europe is ageing. People aged 50+ represent already 37% of the population, i.e. 190 million citizens. The number of people aged 60+ will increase by about two million persons each year in the coming decades, while the working age population will start to shrink. The number of very old persons, 80 years and older, who are most likely in need of care, will also increase. At the same time fewer young people will be available to provide informal and formal support and care. Therefore, today’s opportunity is to find sustainable solutions to address the challenges linked to population ageing.
Prevention, rehabilitation, improvement of care delivery, empowerment of people to remain active and independent for longer are the main areas to be invested in to support everyone’s equal and meaningful participation in the social and economic life of their community. This can be done through the creation of age-friendly environments, i.e. the adaptation of our physical and social environments to the various needs of all generations. Promoting age-friendly environments is what the Covenant on Demographic Change aims at.

The Covenant on Demographic Change gathers European public authorities at local, regional and national level, committed to developing and implementing an action plan on age-friendly environments based on the WHO Age-Friendly Cities’ Guide and in the spirit of the 2013 Dublin Declaration on Age-Friendly Cities and Communities in Europe. Other stakeholders, such as universities, research centres, civil society organisations, and businesses can also join the Covenant to share their expertise and learn from others’ experience.



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