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The IMR is a secured application that requires users to authenticate. Different security rights are granted to users based on security groups and roles. IMR supports 3 different ways to authenticate a user: 

  • WHO employees may login with their usual WIMS/Synergy account;
  • External organisations may register for an ADS account at https://extranet.who.int/ads, then use that account to login within IMR;
  • An internal authentication mechanism is also provided, whereby user name and encrypted password is maintained in the IMR database

These correspond to three different options on the login page:

Depending how the system has been setup, different options may be presented depending on the URL being used to access the IMR:

Regardless of the system setup, one can force the display of the IMR application authentication option by adding imrlogin=true on the URL (e.g. login.aspx?imrlogin=true).

Note that in any case, the system administrator must create the corresponding account to setup the permission whithin IMR, before the account can be used to successfully login.