The Programme Budget web portal 2014-2015 supplements the information provided in the combined WHO financial report for 2014-2015 and an assessment of the organizational performance during the biennium (A69/45). An assessment of organizational performance under the six leadership priorities and programme areas is included in this section of the web portal, as identified in the Twelfth General Programme of Work, 2014–2019.

Failures as well as successes are frankly presented. The most extensive section uses selected activities to illustrate each programme area under the six categories of work. These illustrative examples let readers see WHO in action: shipping 1.5 billion doses of medicine for the neglected tropical diseases in a single year, setting up a system of nutrient profiling to serve as the evidence base for restricting the marketing of unhealthy foods and beverages to children, and sponsoring research to investigate options for improving the survival of preterm infants. Other examples show how WHO’s normative and standard-setting functions translate into initiatives, often supported by partners, that bring results within countries.

Each profile of categories and programme activities is accompanied by a tabular and graphic breakdown of budget, financing and expenditure for headquarters and the six regional offices.